Search for Property

It is the mission of the Arkansas Auditor of State to return unclaimed property to its rightful owners or heirs. Each year, businesses and government agencies also known as “holders” report millions of dollars to the state. Then the state diligently attempts to reunite owners with their lost assets. Unclaimed property includes, but is not limited to, savings and checking accounts, unpaid wages or commissions, stocks, bonds, utility deposits, insurance proceeds, cashier’s checks, money orders, and contents of safe deposit boxes.



Who may claim unclaimed property? 
The owner, estate, lawful heir or duly authorized representative of the property may file a claim.

Do I have unclaimed property? 
The fastest and most efficient way to check to see if you have unclaimed property is to search our database at

How do I claim my property? 
Most claims may be filed electronically at You may also call 1-800-252-4648 to have an Unclaimed Property Representative help you file your claim.

What do I do after I submit my claim? 
Our goal is to expedite all claims and return property to the rightful owners. Upon receipt of your documentation, you will receive a confirmation of your claim. Check the status of your claim.

What should I do if someone offers to help me locate unclaimed money for a fee? 
Call our office first at 1-800-252-4648. Our unclaimed property representatives will assist you in claiming your property free of charge.

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