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State Auditor Dennis Milligan Sends Check to Black River Technical College

Money found in state’s Unclaimed Property program

Dec. 14, 2023 (Pocahontas, Ark.) – Black River Technical College (BRTC) recently received a check for nearly $1,500 from Auditor of State Dennis Milligan for unclaimed property the college had in the Great Arkansas Treasure Hunt.

Unclaimed property can be any number of financial items, such as insurance premium overpayments, unreimbursed utility deposits, uncashed checks, contents of safety deposit boxes, etc.

“I was happy to notify BRTC that it had close to $1,500 in unclaimed property being held with my office,” Milligan said. “My team worked with the college to ensure it filed the necessary paperwork to claim its missing money.”

When someone abandons an account – for instance, through a move or death – and the holder cannot locate the owner, the money or properties are submitted to the Auditor of State’s office. The Auditor’s office is required to return unclaimed property back to its rightful owners and does not charge a fee to do so.

“Unclaimed property isn’t just limited to businesses,” Milligan said. “In fact, individual claims make up most of the properties we have.” Heirs of deceased loved ones may also make a claim on that person’s behalf, he said.

“I urge Arkansans to check our online database to see whether they have unclaimed funds in the Great Arkansas Treasure Hunt,” Milligan said. “Since I took office on Jan. 10, we’ve returned more than $30 million back to citizens.”

To see if you or your organization has unclaimed property in Arkansas, visit

Pictured are Controller Julie Williams, BRTC President Dr. Martin Eggensperger, and Finance & Administration Office Manager Linda Anderson with the college’s check for unclaimed property from Auditor of State Dennis Milligan.


Dennis Milligan was elected Auditor of State in 2023. The Auditor’s office is responsible for ensuring payroll for more than 700 state government elected officials, Supreme Court justices, prosecuting attorneys and deputy prosecutors. The office also administers the state’s Unclaimed Property Program, The Great Arkansas Treasure Hunt. Learn more at