How to Report?

Unclaimed Property Search

5 Steps to Report

1 Identify

Review your records for unclaimed property that your business may be holding.

2 Notify

Send a letter of due diligence to the owner at the last known address that you have on file.

3 Collect

For the owners that you were unable to locate, collect any additional information such as social security numbers, birth dates, and property types. This will help us find the rightful owner(s) for the property.

4 Prepare

Use one of the following options to prepare your report.

5 File

Online submission is required.  Upload your report to our website. Pay online or by check.

For more information contact our Compliance Division:

Holder Reports - Melanie Jenkins - (501) 371-2113 or 
Holder Reports Supervisor - Josh Wood - (501) 371-2103 or

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