Claim FAQ

How can I claim my property?

To file a claim, visit and search by entering your name in the Unclaimed Property search.  When you find your name select “Print a claim form” and fill out the required information.  After completing the form, print it out and mail it in to the Auditor of State, UCP Division, PO Box 251920, Little Rock, AR  72225-1920.  Be sure to include all required documentation.  See below for a list of requirements for claiming property.  You may also request a claim form to be sent to you by mail or email by contacting 1-800-CLAIM-IT or

I found and printed several claim inquiries I want to submit. May I send them together in one envelope with only one set of the proof requested? Also, do I have to notarize each claim form?

You may submit all the claim forms in one envelope. You do not need to send multiple copies of the same proof - such as your photo identification. Yes, you should sign all of the claim forms and have them all notarized.

I’ve lived at my current address for many years. Why does the state have my money?

Holders are required by law to make an effort to contact owners if they believe the property is unclaimed. (This usually occurs when there has been no owner activity or contact after a certain period time.) There are many reasons why this communication fails – an incomplete address, a lost piece of correspondence, or an error in the holder’s records are all typical examples.

I know I have unclaimed property, but I checked the owner search and I do not see my name.

If your property was recently reported, it may still be in processing. The database is updated each week, so please check back regularly. You may also want to try variations of your name search.  For example, if your legal name is William but you searched for “Bill,” you may not find properties belonging to you.  It is helpful to remember to search all previous legal names you may have held.

I submitted my claim form some time ago. When will I receive my money?

Claim forms are reviewed in the order received. Due to the large volume of claim forms, you can expect to hear from our office within 90 days from the date you mailed the claim form. Response and confirmation will be sent by mail or email.

You are asking for sensitive, personal information. How do I know you will keep it secure?

Only claims processing staff handle your information. Your privacy is our highest priority, and our staff is trained in procedures to ensure all personal information is safeguarded.

If my name has changed, how do I prove that?

Please submit documents such as a marriage certificate or other court documents including a divorce decree to show any name changes.

Why do I have to submit a notarized signature?

Your notarized signature is required to ensure that the proper person has signed the claim form and that the refund is paid to the rightful owner.

Where do I find a notary?

Many public agencies have staff that will notarize documents for free or for a small fee. You may also check with your financial institution, investment firm, or insurance company.

The property description lists “warrant.” What is a warrant?

A warrant is similar to a check. Many state agencies issue warrants. A general definition is "a promise to pay as long as the state has funds." An example would be a state court issuing a warrant to pay you for jury duty.

Should an Owner Hire a Unclaimed Property Finder or Heir Finder?

We encourage owners to contact the Unclaimed Property Division directly to search for funds before signing a contract with a finder. The Unclaimed Property Division will refund only to the owner or their heirs and will pay no claim where a finder is charging a fee in excess of 10%. We strongly discourage revealing information about an owner's account to a finder or third-party agent to protect the integrity of the account.

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