About Our Office

As one of Arkansas's seven Constitutional officers the State Auditor plays a very important role in the day to day business of state government.  The Auditor is the general accountant for the State, keeping track of the fund and appropriation balances of all state agencies, and writing over 3,000,000 warrants (checks) each year in payment of the liabilities of the State.

The Auditor serves as payroll officer for approximately 800 individuals employed by the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of state government across the State of Arkansas.  The Auditor also manages the Continuing Education Funds for County and Circuit Clerks, Treasurers and Collectors.

The Auditor is a member of the State Board of Finance and, by statute, is the administrator of the Unclaimed Property Act. The Auditor also serves on the Commercial Mobile Radio Services/Emergency Telephone (911) Services Board and as an ex-officio board member of the Arkansas Public Employees Retirement System and the Arkansas Teachers Retirement System. Additionally the Auditor serves on the Boards of Continuing Education for County and Circuit Clerks, County Treasurers and County Collectors.


Continuing Education:  Contact the Continuing Education Division for questions related to fiscal management of county continuing education programs or to obtain electronic copies of judge's slips and travel forms.

Data Processing: See how the Auditor of State maintains account balances and writes checks for the expenses of State Government.

Executive:  With offices located in Room 230 of the State Capitol, the Executive Division is comprised of the Auditor and his senior management staff. Contact the division to learn more about outreach programs offered by the Auditor of State.

Fiscal:  The Fiscal Division is responsible for developing the Auditor of State's budget, managing accounts receivable and accounts payable, and managing investments of Unclaimed Property funds in banks across Arkansas.

Human Resources: The Human Resources Division within Fiscal Services provides payroll and benefit information for employees of the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of government, Please visit to learn more or to obtain forms for expense reimbursement and other payroll related issues.

Unclaimed Property:  Over $170 Million in unclaimed property is waiting to be claimed by the rightful owners.  Visit Unclaimed Property to learn more about the Great Arkansas Treasure Hunt and find out whether or not the state's largest lost and found has treasure belonging to you.

Warrants: Visit the Warrants Division for more information about replacing a lost check or picking up warrants from the Auditor of State operations office.