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​​Fiscal DivisionFiscal

Fiscal services within the Auditor of State’s Office consist of two main divisions:  the Human Resources Division and the Business Division. Read More >


​​​Human Resources

The Human Resources division is responsible for maintaining personnel records and providing payroll services, benefits information and counseling to over 800 government officials in Arkansas. 
 Read More >

​​​Data Processing

The Data Processing Division is responsible for printing all of the warrants issued by the state of Arkansas. While maintaining 183 state agency daily balances and making certain that each agency appropriation has a sufficient balance before the warrants are discharged.  Read More >


Located in the Auditor of State’s operations office in Suite 325 of the Victory Building, the Warrants Division disperses all warrants (checks) made in payment of the state’s expenses. Most payroll and many expense checks are deposited directly into financial institutions but the division continues to mail payment stubs to various state agencies, employees and vendors. Read More >

​​​Life Insurance

Did your loved one leave behind a life insurance policy? Search our list or review the names of Arkansans who left behind a present from the past. Claiming your money is easy, but it’s up to you to get started. Read More >